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Down Sleeping Bag Care

Care for your Sleeping Bag and Puffy Coat Between Trips

Remember that last backpacking trip? The one you got home from and were so tired that you never fully unpacked?

“I’ll be camping again soon anyway, right?” This is what I always think to convince myself that my gear will be happily waiting for me come the next trip.

“Thanks for leaving us in this tightly cinched pack with your unwashed pan and wore-it-three-days-in-a-row shirt,” sulks my sleeping bag and down jacket.

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The Adventures In Parenthood Project

Only one article in, plus some impressive headline browsing, and I can’t wait to spend more time on this website. The Adventures in Parenthood Project explores the transition of outdoor adventurers to family life. I first stumbled onto an article titled The Kid Question: How an Adventurer Decides to Become a Parent and was stoked by its parallels with the primary goal of the The Recreationalist.

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Hiking the Wellsvilles with Kids

I clench my tongue tightly to keep from shouting commands at my five-year old daughter as her concentration flitters away from the climbing wall like a disrupted butterfly; off into la-la land. For the most part, she was only mildly interested in rock climbing when I first took her to the local indoor gym. After wrestling some very sloppy fitting, but very cute, rock climbing shoes on her feet, we roped up, chalked up, and she went up. This lasted for exactly five seconds.

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As a young backpacker I grew up in the days of iodine tablets and guessing whether questionable water had been boiled long enough to be safe (nothing a generous scoop of Tang drink mix can’t make worse). Eventually a friend or two bought filtration pumps that served a dual purpose of making your arms ripped while filtering a single swallow’s worth of water at a time. Water filtering has improved a lot over the years and even now includes techy UV light filters that sunburn bacteria to death. Continue Reading…

Kids love slingshots!

September 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

No windows around; kids are bored?

If there is one thing adults and kids love, it’s shooting stuff. Much of this is satisfied by iPhone games these days (which explains the squirrel population being so high), but why not get back to the roots when entertainment was a little more dangerous and everyone was wishing they had a pair of safety goggles?

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Coyote Gulch with KidsIn  April my wife and I took our two children, girls four and seven-years-old, to Coyote Gulch, Grand Staircase-Escalante. The trip took place over my birthday and was definitely my best despite an obvious lack of cake and piñata. Our four-year-old was in that transitional phase of being too heavy to carry very far, and too small to walk very far. This makes planning a backpacking trip challenging, but we knew we wanted to go to Coyote Gulch, so we started researching the fastest way in without fall potential.

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