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Video courtesy of Levi Allen

For certain kids, the only thing better than fresh air, is big air. If you happen to be raising one of these audacious creatures, you are fully aware of what I mean—and you should probably read this as fast as you can and then go make sure they aren’t playing with dad’s welder again. Continue Reading…

Setting up a DIY backyard slackline, a few tips

backyard slackline

If you’ve ever wanted a carnival in your backyard, but were nervous about fire-hazards from all the deep fryers and didn’t really feel comfortable sharing your bathroom with the carny crew, you’re in luck. Setting up a slackline in your backyard is like bringing home a carnival ride minus the riffraff. For those who haven’t tried slacklining yet, imagine a two-inch wide trampoline suspended in the air, begging to test and humble your inner-acrobat.

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