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Link to Home Rock Climbing Walls

Want to build a home rock climbing wall, now or ever?

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I want to build a home rock climbing wall!

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It Started With an Empty Space Next to the Lawn Mower

Having an abnormally high garage ceiling was bothering me one night, so I decided to build a home rock climbing wall. I probably sold the idea by saying it was for the kids, but I was equally excited about the prospects of honing my climbing skills in the dead of winter. The end result was a 16X8 overhanging plywood monolith and a lot of neighborhood kids in my driveway trying to look extra friendly. “That sure looks fun, mister!” Continue Reading…

Hiking the Wellsvilles with Kids

I clench my tongue tightly to keep from shouting commands at my five-year old daughter as her concentration flitters away from the climbing wall like a disrupted butterfly; off into la-la land. For the most part, she was only mildly interested in rock climbing when I first took her to the local indoor gym. After wrestling some very sloppy fitting, but very cute, rock climbing shoes on her feet, we roped up, chalked up, and she went up. This lasted for exactly five seconds.

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home rock climbing wall kidsBuilding a permanent home rock climbing wall may seem monumental on the scale of commitment to in-home recreation—requiring an unbelievably cooperative spouse. I am here to tell you that it is—and it does. However, consider

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