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Link to Home Rock Climbing Walls

Want to build a home rock climbing wall, now or ever?

The Recreationalist has a new website dedicated exclusively to this single topic. If interested, go there and subscribe to the email notifications and Facebook page.

I want to build a home rock climbing wall!

probar-review-main-imageDon’t get hungry and bail on me, there is a PROBAR giveaway at the bottom of this post.

(Giveaway ended on November 23, 2013)

Lucky for me, a friend of mine is a PROBAR crusader and during most late-night cross country ski sessions or trail runs, if I travel slow enough (maybe a little whimpering) a PROBAR will often materialize out of his pack and into my hand. If I am really lucky, two. Continue Reading…

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It Started With an Empty Space Next to the Lawn Mower

Having an abnormally high garage ceiling was bothering me one night, so I decided to build a home rock climbing wall. I probably sold the idea by saying it was for the kids, but I was equally excited about the prospects of honing my climbing skills in the dead of winter. The end result was a 16X8 overhanging plywood monolith and a lot of neighborhood kids in my driveway trying to look extra friendly. “That sure looks fun, mister!” Continue Reading…

Ask yourself these two questions when thinking, “Which mountain bike should I get?”

Choosing A Mountain BikeToying with the idea of buying a new mountain bike? Sure you could knock the dust off that old Specialized Rockhopper in the garage and have a killer time (until you remember how bad you hate grip-shifts and that petrified excuse for a seat), but maybe it’s time to cut the stretched out brake cables and move on. If you’ve been out of the mountain bike market for a half-decade or more you might be surprised to find that the new mountain bike buying decisions have evolved from:

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Hoka One One Stinson Evo Trail Heel

Hoka One One Stinson Evo Review

If you eat, sleep, and drink running shoes, get ready, this review of the Hoka One One Stinson Evo trail running shoe will be wildly disappointing. To paint a clear picture of how little I know about running shoes, I’ll tell you that I know two parts of a running shoe’s anatomy by the correct name; the laces, and the rest of the shoe (sometimes I call the latter “the shoe part“). So, if you want a quick novice review of the Stinsons, by all means read on. I am loaded with honesty and excitement, so that is what you will mostly get.

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