Kids love slingshots!

September 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

No windows around; kids are bored?

If there is one thing adults and kids love, it’s shooting stuff. Much of this is satisfied by iPhone games these days (which explains the squirrel population being so high), but why not get back to the roots when entertainment was a little more dangerous and everyone was wishing they had a pair of safety goggles?

Theraband Gold Slingshot 2

Don’t expect much instruction here on how to make a slingshot. If you can’t figure this out on your own from the pictures below, chances are your ancestors wussed their way out of the gene pool long ago and you don’t exist. That said, I’ll include a few tips to increase your likelihood of slingshot making success.

DIY Slingshot Making Tips for Families

  • Be safe.
  • If your kid is a hellian, pick him/her up a Nerf gun before heading to camp.
  • For the bands there is nothing better than Theraband Gold, commonly used for physical therapy.
  • Get familiar with Jörg Sprave and his Slingshot Channel. I’ll embed a classic vid at the bottom of this post.
  • To attach the band to the slingshot uprights, cut a small, long ribbon of Theraband (shown in green above, any color will work fine) and wrap it tightly several times before tucking it under itself for a few more wraps.
  • Responsible adult supervision.

That is about it. Welcome to primitive weaponry and entertainment.

Theraband Gold Slingshot 5

Theraband Gold Slingshot 4

Theraband Gold Slingshot 1




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