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If you’re like me, you love the outdoors, but are faced with the balancing act of a job, a finite amount of cash and time, a family, and sometimes a lack of ideas. Sound familiar? This site is for you.

What you’ll find are trip reports, ideas for family adventure, motivation to get off the couch, recreation tips, gear reviews, family outing ideas, guest articles, tips on spousal negotiation, plus lots of ramblings on mountain biking, trail running, climbing, camping, skiing, Utah, my dog, and maybe even beekeeping. We don’t have to be into the same stuff–just take the concepts, apply them to whatever you like, and get out more.

Me? I am Kirk Earl, a self proclaimed weekend adventurer. I am not a professional anything, just a regular guy, probably a lot like you, with a zero down-time policy for life. I haven’t always been this way. In fact, I used to feel quite lazy about recreation. Laying around relaxing is fun too, right? Something changed a decade ago when my friend Jared called, interrupting me from a semi-permanent state of boredom, and demanded “Either stay home tonight and watch something lame on TV, or come with me and change your life.”

What I learned from Jared is that the amount of effort you put into having fun, directly correlates to the amount of fulfillment you’ll receive. After a leg-rattling hike with a backpack the size of a Fiat 500, we unfurled a borrowed paraglider and I flew off a mountain solo. This was a pivotal moment in my life and I want the same for others. No, not paragliding off a mountain—getting out, sacrificing, and working hard to have fun.

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